Thursday, April 25, 2013

Managing Expectations and Exploring Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, hope and anticipation can provide you such a thrill, almost a *high* really, but the reality of the journey itself isn't quite as dreamy. Weight loss takes time and patience, which means managing expectations is crucial.  Particularly the enduring type of weight loss.  Time is required not only to physically change your body, but also to adopt new and healthier habits with regard to exercise, lifestyle and food.  Most importantly, you need time to get your mind to where it should be to live the rest of your life healthily and not just at your ideal weight.  Binge-exercising, binge-dieting, binge-anything may provide your quick and dramatic results, but trust me- you won't see them for very long.

Although one of my goals is to lose 20 lbs by my 30th birthday, that will require an approximate 6 lb weight loss per month, which is pretty aggressive when the higher priority is a lifelong lifestyle change. Therefore, I will be amending this goal to changing my eating habits towards hunger-driven eating and being more physically active, so I can gradually get to a healthier weight and never diet again.

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