Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty from the inside out

Last night I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to watch a documentary I've been eyeing on iTunes on the beauty industry, called "Chasing Beauty."

I loved Jiro Dreams of Sushi so I had high hopes for this documentary.  Artistically speaking, I didn't think it was as well done as Jiro Dreams of Sushi- in terms of cinematography, music, pacing, etc., but it was still very thought-provoking and certainly a topic of larger relevance.  It follows an aspiring model landing in LA, unsuccessfully interviewing at all the big modeling agencies, as well as pageant specialists, a plastic surgeon, a beauty editor, former and current models, makeup artists, historians, parents of models and model recruiters.  Since I had watched Girl Model, I thought this documentary would mostly detail the insanity of the modeling industry but this documentary was primarily about what beauty has meant in the past and in the present, the obsession over beauty, the advantages of beauty, and what it means to different people.  For what it's worth, I believe it's a worthwhile watch.  It reminded me of how absolute the saying 'beauty comes from within' truly is.  I have no aspirations in the beauty sector but the message was still very applicable and poignant.  The outside 'pretty' isn't true beauty, and the term beauty isn't to be conflated with good, nice, successful, etc.  The term 'pretty' doesn't even stay constant nor does it mean the same to different people in the same room.  Your own definition of beauty is for you to choose, for you to protect, for you to keep discovering and for you to nurture.

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