Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blogging to the Big Three-O

A while back, I was blogging at http://putyourglasseson.blogspot.com before I dropped off the face of the blogosphere.  Stressful circumstances at home (which I'd like to keep private for now), kept me from my regular blogging but now that some of those things have been settled, I'm ready to return. I decided to start a fresh new blog because in 3 months, I will be turning 30 which I hope will launch a wonderful, new life chapter and hence the blog title.

Before the big 3-0, I've made 3 big goals for myself:
  1. Lose 20 pounds
  2. Apply for some post bac and masters programs 
  3. Ace the MCAT
All three goals are admittedly quite daunting but I am confident I can accomplish them.  

Please follow me on this road to my 30s and beyond! (hehe, I know.. I'm cheesy)

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