Friday, April 26, 2013

Lessons from my 8 Pound Vacation Weight Loss

A few months ago, (before all the family-drama that ensued), I went on a vacation to Israel for two weeks and Paris for 4 days.  It was my first trip to the Israel and it a nutshell, I loved the country.  So much of its history excited me and I hope to return some day; and Paris, was well, of course brimming with beauty in its museums, architecture, food, and people.  Now, this post isn't going to be on what I did specifically during the vacation itself, but what I realized after I got back.

In the span of 18 days I lost 8 lbs.

Sounds like a line from one of those Marie Osmond Nutrisystem commercials right?

Towards the end of the trip, I had noticed that some of my vacation clothes were a little looser on me but I thought they might just be stretched out from over use.  But nope, it was real and not-just-water-weight, actual weight loss.  When I stepped on the scale at home, I was shocked!

Now, let me just say- Weight loss was most certainly not my goal when I set off to explore the historical places of Israel and prance around the most delicious Rues of Paris, but it happened, and I hadn't suffered for it at all!  I was obviously quite active during my travels (lots of walking!), but I never sought out a gym to squeeze in some strength training or burn some calories on a treadmill.  Food-wise, I never avoided much of anything, except excessively greasy foods (which I thought might wreak havoc on my GI during my travels).  I tried almost everything I could, ate fresh meals, enough to reach fullness but no more so that I could travel around with ease.  Snacks included some fresh fruit or bread rolls I stowed away from meal times in ziplock baggies, and I never sought out 'diet' foods or sodas.  I enjoyed my meals with other people, and never found myself scarfing down extra snacks or junk in private. I just enjoyed what I wanted from the foods that were offered, when they were offered, and that was that.

Sounds simple, right? The truth is, it was!  And yet, I lost 8 pounds!  Taking my mind off dieting/food/weight loss, were key to actually getting healthy for me.  Despite the toll of traveling, I had more energy and regular moods at the end of the trip than at the start.  Now, I'm not saying re-implementing those lessons will be as easy as it was when I was on vacation where options were inherently limited and I was most certainly moving around all the time, but I remember how good I felt, how well I slept, (and how well my clothes fit!) with non-chemical laden foods properly fueling my system.  I want to get back there!  Now, it's not easy to adjust your taste buds to less artificial flavors and I know I will be cranky at times, but it is so worth it.  The energy.  The good moods.  The non-bloating.  Mental clarity!

This is not a diet.  It's self-care.  It's the pursuit of feeling better, and not so sluggish.  So, today is day 1 back to my better self.  None of the really yummy stuff like chocolate, ice cream or doughy bread is off limits.  It is the chemical-laden margarines, microwave popcorn, fat free hot dogs, fat free deli slices, and aspartame laced snacks that I want to take off the table, and remove from my body.  My body deserves better.  I deserve better.

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