Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letter to my body: I'm sorry

***Not only has this tag been very popular around the blogosphere but I truly believe it is a great idea to practice this sort of meditation.  Many of us (well at least, I) am frequently not as appreciative of my body and health as I should be, often abusing and bullying it, when I really should be treating it as the precious gift it truly is.***

Dear Body,

Thank you for being the beautiful and strong vessel that you've been.  You've allowed me to run marathons, bike thousands of miles, make love, explore the world, cuddle, cook, make music, taste exotic and ordinary foods, heal, rest and help others.  I haven't always appreciated you the way I should.  I have often yelled at you in the mirror for not being model thin, not fitting into insanely small clothes, and I have often not fueled you with the proper nutrition and hydration.  Still, you have resiliently kept my alive.  I realize not only that you cannot forever be so resilient, but also is high time I nurture you better.  Thank you for your continued strength and perseverance.

Let me take better care of you from now on.



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