Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Eating Intuitively

Yesterday, I began reading Thin Side Out by Josie Spinardi.

I'm about halfway through and so far, it's a recommended read.  It purports a non-diet mentality towards foods, i.e.  Hunger-Driven Eating (HDE), while discussing the multitude of negative repercussions to dieting using scientific data.  Spinardi writes very concisely without being too dense, making the book is an easy read. Her conversational language makes the reader feel like she's talking to him/her directly.

As a self-confessed, avid dieter in the past, I could relate to almost every diet-related symptom she mentions in the book.  Her promises to arrive at mental health (especially in regard to the food-relationship/attitude/confidence), happiness and the physically optimal condition were enough to get me started on HDE.  Some of the initial steps, for e.g. letting go of fear attached to eating certain foods, and letting yourself become very hungry, are not easy but I am convinced the ultimate goal of achieving a non-dieting attitude towards eating will liberate me from the yoyo-dieting and the weight roller coaster I've been on for the past 15 + years.

Much of this book reminded me of Bethenny Frankel's Naturally Thin concepts but the distinguishing feature of Josie Spinardi's advice is the value she places on self-care, self-understanding and self-love.  The emphasis is on exploring your individual body and psyche rather than the rules that Ms. Frankel proposes in her Naturally Thin book.  For those of you who desire to get off the diet wagon for good, give this a try.

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